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Death Note

When I first heard about death note, I thought it was just some emo story, but it turned out to be one of my all time favorites. The art is amazing, the story is super original. I suggest you read it. This story is not like Bleach, or Naruto, it is a lot better then both of them. Now I will tell you about it. The main character is a teenager named Light. This boy Light leads a normal boring life until he finds a book called the death note. At first he thinks it's all a hoax, but then the owner of the book finds him. The owner of the book happens to be a death god. He tells light what the book can do, and light responds coolly and calmly. Light then decides he will use the death note to clean the world of evil, but then light starts losing control, and starts a one man war against the world.


Bleach is a good manga. The story is good, but is some what poorer than that of Naruto. The story is a lot like shaman king but has a better feel to it. As the story goes the main character is named Ichigo. He becomes a soul reaper to save his family. The job of soul reapers is to help good souls pass on to the next world, but there are some souls who hate and kill. These become monsters called hallows. Ichigo starts a one man war against the hallows. If you like naruto but the books haven't come out recently, and you like big swords. I suggest bleach.

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Naruto is a master piece. The story is wonderful, and the art is cool. The story is about a young boy who has a demon sealed in side of him. He is a ninja who will stop at nothing to protect his new found friends. This story is so far 47 books long, and still growing. the artist has slowed down the publishing of the new books so they don't come very often. This is a great series, I suggest you buy it if you like ninjas.

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Yu-gi-oh was one of the first manga I read. At first i thought it was a coloring book, but soon I was reading it and loving it. The First Yu-gi-oh is some what dark and gruesome. The second Yu-gi-oh was called Yu-gi-oh duelist. I loved Yu-gi-oh duelist. All the Yu-gi-oh Books are great but they sometimes get old.

A drifting life

A drifting life is a manga masterpiece. The story is excellent, the art is superb.It is all in all one of the best manga ever. You can not go wrong with A drifting life. The story is set right after world war II. It explanes the life of a manga artist.


Emi town is good and funny. It is aimed towards a more adult audience. The art is very new and simple.

32 short stories: Optic nerve

Optic nerve was a comic done by Adrain Tormine. He started doing it when he was a teenager. His first book had so so artwork, and a lot of Iffy stories. But he never gave up and kept on publishing new Optic nerve books. In which the art and stories got better. He is now one of the best cartoonist of all time. If you find optic nerve I suggest you buy it. If you are okay with the beginning quality.

Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka is Known as the god of manga. He published over five hundred different series. He is most well known for his manga astro boy. As a child Osamu Tezuka loved to draw. In all his free time he would ether draw, or colecting bugs. As he died it is said that he said he just wanted to work.He was truly a great man.


Another masterpiece by Tezuka. In this samurai story,a young boy's body parts are sacrificed to demons so that his father can rule part of Japan.Then the baby boy is thrown into a river where a doctor finds him and gives him fake body parts. Now the boy is a samurai who is on the hunt for the demons who have his body parts. He meets a young thief who helps him on his quest, but in return wants help finding a buried treasure that his father left him. This is a very good trilogy.The story is good,the art is good, and it is almost flawless. If you are interested in samurai manga I highly suggest it.


So let's start with a classic manga. Osamu tezuka's Buddha is an amazing story about the life of Buddha.This story has eight books. The art is good, the story is good but sometimes the proportions of the characters are out of whack. Over all a very good series of books. If you have the money I suggest you get it.

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